Should I Chew Probiotic Gum While Taking Antibiotics?

Should-I-ChewOur Twitter friend ToothFairyCyber recently asked a very good question –

“Is it good idea to chew Probiotic gum while taking Antibiotics?”

We asked the expert, Professor John Tagg and got this answer –

“The best time to chew the probiotic gum is just as you are completing a course of antibiotics and then for the next couple of days immediately following the taking of antibiotics. At that time the probiotic will have more space available for it to attach in the mouth and start growing there.”

There you have it friends!

  1. 1 Tooth Fairy Wed, Mar 3, 2010 | 12:21 pm

    Thank-you very much for asking the expert, Professor to answer my probiotic anitibiotic question! Good-bye, gotta ~Fly~
    Toothfairy Online

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