Oral Thrush and Candidiasis – An Oral Probiotic Treatment

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Reader’s Question:

I read that BLIS K12 Oral Probiotic is indicated for thrush (oral candidiasis). How would I use the BLIS K12 gum to treat this condition?

Professor John Tagg’s Answer:

BLIS K12 is indicated  for oral thrush. At bedtime, thoroughly brush and floss teeth as usual. Rinse mouth well with water. Chew one piece of CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 for approximately 3-5 minutes. It is preferable to not eat or drink for the next couple of hours. Repeat for seven consecutive nights. Continue nightly as above or (for economical reasons) repeat this protocol every month. If you are using an antifungal to treat oral thrush, begin using the Probiotic Gum two hours after your last antifungal treatment.

Note:  This protocol supports the optimal colonization of the S. salivarius K12 bacteria during the night. Sweetened only with xylitol, isomalt and stevia, CulturedCare Probiotic Gum does NOT in any way contribute to tooth decay or gum disease.

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