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Revolutionary Probiotic Gum Makes Your Mouth a Healthier Place, Promises Renowned Microbiologist

A research scientist from New Zealand is telling us that our mouths are the front door to a lifetime of good health.

“Probiotics are friendly, health-promoting bacteria,” says Professor John Tagg, a world-renowned microbiologist at the University of Otago in New Zealand. “Everyone knows about the importance of probiotics for the digestive tract. But for good oral health and overall immunity, we also need oral probiotics that are specific to our mouths. “

He should know! As a boy, Professor Tagg suffered from a strep throat infection that led to rheumatic fever, a serious condition that can cause permanent heart damage. He required antibiotic drugs for 10 years. Because of this experience, he devoted his life to finding friendly probiotic bacteria that prevent strep throat and other infections that enter through the mouth. He discovered BLIS K12, a naturally occurring component of the S. salivarius probiotic strain. BLIS, which stands for Bacteriocin- Like Inhibitory Substance, is an advanced oral probiotic.

“My published research shows that BLIS K12 controls the undesirable and diseasecausing bacteria that cause bad breath, strep throat, thrush, and ear and upper respiratory infections,” explains Professor Tagg. “BLIS K12 probiotic bacteria also promote general oral health and help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.”

Professor Tagg’s BLIS K12 probiotic is now made as a gum in Canada by Prairie Naturals, an established, family-owned nutritional supplement company in BC. “

Gum is an ideal way to ‘seed’ BLIS K12 probiotic throughout the mouth and throat, where it can colonize and grow. The gum can provide protection for teeth, gums, throat, and ears,” says Professor Tagg.

Made with proprietary cold-pressed technology, BLIS K12 gum contains the therapeutic dosage determined by Professor Tagg’s research. Its potency and purity are confirmed through independent testing in government-licensed laboratories in Canada, New Zealand, and the US.

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Revolutionary Probiotic Gum Makes Your Mouth a Healthier Place, Promises Renowned Microbiologist