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Ask Professor Tagg – “BLIS K12 Probiotic Gum for Sjogren’s Syndrome?”

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Reader’s Question:

What about this gum for persons with Sjogren’s Syndrome? It’s an autoimmune disease which damages the moisture producing glands including the salivary glands. Excessive bacteria is a problem for persons with Sjogren’s due to lack of saliva. Thrush and oral yeast infections are regular issues. How would your gum work for that?

Professor John Tagg’s Answer:

Indeed the Probiotic Gum is perfectly applicable to individuals experiencing the hyposalivation of Sjogren’s Syndrome. The chewing of the gum not only will help stimulate saliva production but the release of BLIS K12 and subsequent colonisation will help counter oral thrush as the K12 cells occupy space on the mucosal surfaces that otherwise is vulnerable to fungal infiltration.